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(Deutsch) Tutorial für Weich u. Hartglas.


© 2016 by AdamGlassArt / Schweiz

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Es erwartet dich der Cherry Pendant (Kirschmurmeln) Tutorial mit 29 Bildern, 19 Seiten und Tipps zur direkten Anwendung.

Für alle gängigen Glassorten (Moretti,Bullseye, Boro) und bekannten Materialien im Glasperlen / Murmelbereich.

Schritt für Schritt Anleitung nach obigem Bild (Original "Cherry") mit dem Airtrap Swirl und Mandala-Swirl.

 Und nun viel Spass beim Ausprobieren !

Guido von Adam Glass Art


(English) Tutorial for Soft and Hard Glass.

© 2016 by AdamGlassArt / Switzerland

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Thank you for your interest in this glass technique and for supporting this art form with the purchase of this tutorial.

In this tutorial you can expect the following:

a step by step constructed and learning equitable procedure for preparation of the individual and unique Cherry Pendant.

The why ?

there are so many fascinating techniques in the “marble-universe” but few options to wear those round beauties . . . so, that lead me to the idea of the “Signature – Cherry-Pendant / Cherry-Eye-Pendant.”

Mother Nature helps in this case. Fuming, opals, dichroic, air-trap and more, are all skills and techniques that you can use. If you like, you can mix them together.

The best thing is that this works in both soft and hard glass and for the first example i choose the "airtrap swirl" with a mandala backing and a reversal zig zag for you (see the front picture) . .

Guido from Adam Glass Art