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Welcome and thank you to visit my world of glassart.

Glass is a facinating medium to create art for unique and timeless jewelery or single pieces. Known as beadmaking or glasblowing. You can find many techniques in this kind of art. See some examples in my Gallery


Every piece on this page is a solid or hollow artwork, unequaled, always individually and every day a new experience for me to made,

and at least . . .  for you to wear.


Since 2002 i`m working with soft and hardglass, use traditional techniques from Italy/Murano and modern from America and Japan.

My goal is creating pieces of glassart where all the techniques and skills come together for good.


Adamglassart is based in switzerland. For courses or workshops at your place do not hesitate to contact me.


Sincerely, Guido - Adamglassart/Switzerland

 inspired by Niki de Saint Phalle 17x17x
Fire Phoenix
Hollow Frogger Series
Hollow Dragon Head Pendant
Art Deco Vessel
Signatur Kolidu Serie
Frogger / Glass Sculpture
Dragon Head Pendant Series
Hollow Beads and Dragonhead
Wig Wag Hollow Disc
Art Deco Vessel
Art Deco Vessel
Marble Universe Example
Hollow Frogger Serie
Pineapple Kolidu Serie
Signature Cherry Pendant
Hollow Frogger Serie
Signature Kolidu Bird Serie
Softglas / Mountain Marbles
Universe Marble Example
Chain-Reaction / Necklace
Goldfumed Tube Compression Marble
Goldfumed Tube Compression Marble
Goldfumed Tube Compression Marble
Hollow Beads and Dragon Necklace
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