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Guido Adam / adamglassart lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.
Starting in 2002 with soft glass (Sodalime), he creates jewelry and unique glass objects

using traditional Murano techniques and others from Europe, America and Japan as well

as his own developments.     

In 2007 it was time to transfer what we had learned to tempered glass (borosilicate),

which in turn also worked the other way around.
Over the years, Guido has developed several innovative tools for himself and other bead makers,

such as: the ring blowing mandrel or special blowing and stamping tools (Reamer, Vin Pin Pro).
Adamglassart is the developer of special techniques that quickly gained international recognition.
Since then he has transferred these glass processing techniques from hard glass (borosilicate)

to soft glass (Sodalime) and vice versa.

His passion is instructing these techniques as a teacher in worldwide courses and exhibitions,

as well as creating tutorials on his video platform or in specialist magazines

(Glassline, Lamaga, The Flow, Glass Bead Evolutions, Glass Art and Scientifique Glass blowing)

The strength of adamglassart lies in combining different techniques and refining them at the end.
Another specialty of adamglassart is his nearly lifelike eye murrines, which he uses in his animal sculptures and pendants to achieve a more realistic expression.
His portfolio includes hollow beads, solid beads, marbles, sculpture, art deco and two or three dimensional pendants, using techniques such as inside-out, compression, implosion, cut 'n flip and lumina-fuming,

to name just a few.

He teaches worldwide

(Switzerland, England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, France, China and America)

and is involved in projects (Murano, ISGB, Bildwerk Frauenau, Glaswebbing and Art Deco)

around the art medium to preserve glass, support students and pass on his knowledge.

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